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All Things Bright and Beautiful

Its about time we discussed something fundamental to our existence on the planet and i believe that means beauty, what is it? what defines it? is the worst negative thing you ever did see something beautiful that has not yet ripened ? if i eat any fruit before its time i would say yuk, right? "beauty is in the eye of the beholder"... well its an old corny saying but there is truth and beauty right there in this simple "everyone knows it" saying. I write poetry about what i see and what i hear and i think its beautiful, because its real and because its the truth. Is the truth therefore the ultimate in beauty? for my money it is, truth is beauty and that's what beauty is, something that is itself and is true to it, because of that criteria, no matter what it looks like it has to be beautiful. Vineyards hold blind tastings, why? because their eye will lie to them and so they must rely on other senses. beauty can't be something you see, its something you feel and sense. Like a kiss.

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