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New Sales Diploma Programs for Sales Managers and Sales Representatives

(September 10th, 2009 – Doral, FL) – Sales Professional Education Center, L.L.C. presents its innovative Sales Diploma Programs for Sales Managers and Sales Representatives, which respectively provide sales skills structure, business development support, and self-improvement to those interested in a professional sales training. The programs start on September 14th, 2009.

The Sales Diploma Programs are specially formulated to match the workforce necessities of employers and individuals by preparing the participants with current administrative principles and most necessary selling skills. The Sales Management Program will prepare participants with the values and most necessary tools to successfully sell and manage in everyday more competitive and dynamic marketplaces. The Sales Representative Program will enable participants to successfully sell and perform as integral part of the business and sales team.

“The programs were conceived to prepare cross-cultural expert managers or representatives to meet the existing demand in today’s global economy. They coach sales leaders to move forward”, says Mrs. Selva Dixon, Press Coordinator of Sales Professional Education Center, L.L.C. The sales programs give participants -looking to obtain jobs in sales or advance their careers in sales-, the training they need to succeed. Upon completion and having met all course requirements and financial obligations, students will be awarded with a diploma.

For more information on Professional Sales Education Programs, please visit www.salesproedu.org or call 305.499.9978 and 305.914.2947, fax number 786.955.9710.

Visit the publisher's website: http://www.salesproedu.org

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