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Franchise Mart is a One Stop Shop, for retail where franchising opportunities can be accessed across India. Franchise Mart is a venture initiated after a 16 year proven history in the field of marketing and advertisement industry. It was founded in 2007 and it is successfully operating all across nation. With its unique concept of FM Shops Pan India which extends assistance to the clients, Franchise Mart facilitates franchising opportunities in the way actually needed!

Franchise Mart extends to J&K with FM SHOP Jammu

With the inauguration of first FM SHOP in Jammu and Kashmir, Franchise Mart has now extended its channel to the region. On 16th June the MLA of Jammu and Kashmir, Shree Raman Bhalla inaugurated the FM SHOP Jammu in the presence of more than 1000 respected guests.

Not only blessed with nature’s beauty but Jammu has fantastic Business potential. With FM SHOP Jammu the Business Community of Jammu has found new business partner to work with. In the presence of MLAs, presidents of Chambers, leading businessmen and many dignitaries, FM SHOP Jammu was grandly inaugurated.

Member of Legislative Assembly Shree Raman Bhalla inaugurated the 1st FM SHOP in Jammu and Kashmir on 16th June at 168-A, Sector-1, Railway Road, Nanak Nagar. He welcomed the concept of Franchising and expressed best regards to Franchise Mart and FM SHOP Jammu team for the new venture.

The owner of FM SHOP Jammu and Channel Partner of Franchise Mart Mr. Anshul Mahajan was present with his team and family members to welcome the honorary guests. After inaugurating the FM SHOP Mr. Anshul Mahajan explained the concept of FM SHOP and how it will be serving to the business community of Jammu and Kashmir. He said, FM SHOP Jammu is committed to bring best brands to Jammu and Kashmir. It will help the entrepreneurs to get the Franchisee they looking for. From the basics of franchising to getting a franchisee, FM SHOP will be with them in the whole procedure of franchising.

MLA Raman Bhalla, appreciated the concept of FM SHOP and said, FM SHOP Jammu will create more awareness regarding the franchising and will give excellent brands to Jammu and Kashmir. It will also help to boost the economy.

From Franchise Mart, Surat Mr. Falgun Angadia, COO and Sonal Rochani, Media Manager were present for the occasion. Speaking to the businessmen and dignitaries Mr. Falgun Angadia said, the presence of FM SHOP Jammu is a symbol of the assurance to the entrepreneurs of Jammu and Kashmir that they will get best and accurate guidance regarding the franchising. As Franchise Mart is having more than 250 brands, Jammu and Kashmir will have ample choice for choosing the brands.

More than 1000 guests including the major businessmen of Jammu were present for the occasion and they showed great interest in taking the franchisee. FM SHOP Jammu has started getting inquiries from the day of inauguration. It displays the enthusiasm of Jammu for franchising.

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