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Retired Local Government Officer specialising in Benefits. Disabled and lives with a disabled wife in a small bungalow,Holders of a Feudal Title and interested in Charitable works., which because I am often unable to go out I do via the internet

Lordy Lordy

In a small Council owned bungalow in a tiny village in North Wales are currently two of the Nobles of Europe. Heads together they are trying to bring to fruition the dream one holds to create a new start in Uganda.
Baron Cornelius von Berenburg-Gossler of the Hamburg Banking Family turned his back on his priveleged lifestyle over 30 years ago. He spent twenty years in a commune in Germany creating a self suppporting regime to the benefit of all members. When that came to an end he went to an Italian Island to search in solitude for new path to take.
Five years ago, a decision made, he left Germany for Uganda where he eventually married a Ugandan wife and now has an eight month old son.
After being left a large inheritance which his brother controls, he decided to start a series of small businesses which failed either because of his admitted ineptitude as a businessman or his naivity of the corruption of the Government and local Officials at that time. His goal was to support the street children and orphans who receive no education in Uganda. In his small rented house he has 6 children from the streets who attend a local private school on a day basis, he also supports the cost of seven others in a private boarding school as the local school system cconsists of teachers who take the children out to work on their land.
He created a small farming scheme for the sale of sesame seeds to help fund this cost, but owing to Pirate activity around the Port of Mombassa the seed is no longer viable.
By chance one day 4 months ago he met a man on Facebook who's humour he had commented on. They became great friends and Cornelius told him of the difficulties he was having continuing to cover the education costs of the children.
That friend is David Prosser Lord of Bouldnor who decided to help. He sent donations to fund some schooling and persuaded his friends to do like wise. Unfortunately this was not enough and so Lord David flew the Baron to Britain where he is staying until 08.07.09. Appeals have been made to two North Wales Newspapers for Baron Cornelius to be invited to speak to interested groups who may adopt the cause. There has currently been no response to them except for a few small gifts of pencils etc which are extremely welcome.
The Big Dream of these two quiet unassuming men is to create a large house, school and clinic close to the village from where Cornelius's wife hails. This would offset the boarding costs and allow him to offer education to more children and get more orphans off the streets. "The scheme can work as I can also organise the Itesu tribe's crops so that we can market them properly" he said.
Lord David's dream of helping his friend who he knows to be a man of deep faith may fail if more donors cannot be found.
"It will not take much" says David who lives in the bungalow with his disabled wife Lady Julia." Just for people to give up a cup of coffee and donate the price to the scheme. It will soon mount up" Though if there are any companies worldwide with the kindness to provide time a, materials and expertise, it could be up and running in no time"
Anyone interested in helping should contact Lord David directly on (+44)01352 712713 for details of how/where to donate. " The children are wonderful " he says after showing some of the warm letters of thanks he has received. " Let's give some more the same chances that our own Children receive, and soon Africa will be full of Children who have some love and education"!

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