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R4i SDHC Dropshipper, ishopvideogame, Warns buyers the card’s kernel will be update and support 1.4

R4i SDHC Dropshipper, ishopvideogame, Warns buyers the card's kernel will be update and support 1.4

ishopvideogame is a dropshipper located in shenzhen China, who sells R4 and R4i cards in low price, they sell their products

to many countries US, france and other area. This morning, their Tech support manager Mr Black said R4i SDHC will be update

and support the latest DSi 1.4 edition.

One month ago, Nintendo have an update of their latest console DSi to 1.4, many game players update their handheld at once,

and some flash cards can't be worked in DSi. A player names Jack said: "what happened to my DS card? ".

Here is some information about R4i SDHC card

R4i SDHC is also be called as "R4i in red"

The R4i SDHC Card DSi wih a red package can also work for DS and DSL. It is the latest development in flash cartridge

technology for the Nintendo DSi. The R4i SDHC is an adapter so you can use a microSDHC card (up to 32GB) with your Nintendo

DSi. You'll benefit a lot from these,such as, watching movies, playing music, browsing pictures, reading E-Books and


1. Same size as an original DSi game cartridge.
2. Built-in PassMe (NO need for any boot cart./passcard etc.)
3. Uses microSD memory card (Trans Flash) as storage.
4. Boot clean dump images (downloadable from internet).
5. Very simple to use: drag and drop files to the microSD card and play.
6. Standard FAT system support.
7. Supports different speeds of micro SD cards.
8. Supports HC memory cards.
9. Upgradable Firmware ( OS / Bios / Kernel )
10. Touch screen control and robust skinning support.
11. No battery needed, back up the save file directly into the microSD card.
12. Homebrew support , IO lib available on launch.13. Supports WiFi, DS rumble pack and DS browser.
What's including:

1x R4i SDHC Card (Slot-1)
1x USB microSD memory card reader / writer
1x R4i SDHC hard case and lanyard

source: http://www.ishopvideogame.com/r4i-sdhc-adaptor-for-nintendo-dsi-p-1641.html

Visit the publisher's website: http://www.ishopvideogame.com

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