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Choosing the exact anti wrinkle skin care products

September 16th, 2009 – Judith Summers, “Most ladies nowadays are being showered by a variety of anti wrinkle skin care products which claim to reduce the effects of the sun and various other widespread negative aspects on their skin. Being influenced by such anti wrinkle skin care products that they see on television and advertisements, women straight away hasten to get hold of that product. Conversely, what they fail to comprehend is that most of the products that are promoted are formulated by using chemicals which will hurt their body.

Certain women have delicate skin and so such chemicals bring about clogging of their apertures, which in turn brings about acne,” says Judith Summers of defendyourskin.com. Even some popular products in the beauty business add an assortment of foreign material to their products that have a bad effect on various types of skin. Certain olive oil skin care products include mineral oils which could be listed under other names, for example liquid paraffin or even paraffin wax which may result in the clogging of pores, resulting in the entrapping of pollutants resulting in one’s skin feeling dehydrated. An additional common type of chemical compound which is used in many skin care products is Dioxane that is derived from coconut. When rubbed on the skin, this substance passes through the pores immediately and penetrates the bloodstream causing a range of skin irritations. “Even the fragrances that are used in producing various top skin care products for forty year old women are harmful, as a variety of toxins acknowledged as carcinogens are used in their fabrication. What ladies need to remember is that using perfume is not like rubbing ointment on the face or body, as the skin is absorbent it is able to instantly soak anything sprayed on to it,” says Summers. She continues, “A lot of alcohols such as ethanol and methanol and even benzyl are currently being used in an elaborate range of products. These alcohols are the root causes of irritation and dehydration as they administer to liberate the body of its naturally produced oils that results in it becoming more susceptible to illnesses and diseases.”

However, not all ingredients used in such anti aging skin care products are damaging, as other products that contain certain amounts of collagen are important for the body. Collagen is a substance formulated by the body which assists in retaining its elasticity and rigidity. An additional component called Cynergy TK is the element that all ladies should look for in beauty products as it aids the body to naturally improve the manufacturing of elastin and collagen resulting in improved suppleness and brightness. To reverse the signs of aging, most ladies resort to a variety of anti wrinkle skin care products, as they consider such products to be very advantageous and helpful. Although there are few wrinkle skin care products that help ladies in this consideration, most beauty multinational companies are more concerned with the quantity of funds that they generate and as such they load their merchandise lines with a diverse range of chemicals that they know are unsafe to the skin. One way in which ladies can be made conscious of this fact is if they are educated in regard to the constituents that aid formulating the beauty product that they are procuring.

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