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Find solutions to your missing teeth at Implant Solutions

Many of us are born with a beautiful set of teeth and others are not so lucky. The ones with perfect teeth can smile whenever they wish, or laugh their hearts out, while others have to think before smiling, but not anymore. People who have any of their teeth missing do not have to hide their smile anymore. Implant Solutions specializes in the treatment that helps people with tooth loss as well as gum tissue shrinkage. Our dental implant treatment provides solid support for a implant supported bridge, thus making it comfortable and secure. Implant Solutions believes that dental implants are the best treatment for gaps in your teeth.
The most advanced treatment facility with the latest digital imaging lab is available at Implant Solutions. With the availability of this technology, complete diagnostics are provided to all patients so that they get the best treatment possible. If you want your dental implant in a single visit, none can serve you better than Implant Solutions. The "Nobel Biocare technique", is capable of getting your implant completed in a single visit only. This unique technology is specially designed for people who require full restoration. All this is done in only a single visit after the first consultation. The primary benefit of this All-on-4 procedure is that it replaces dentures very quickly and provides the patients with permanent dental implants with new replacement on-removable teeth.
Implant Solutions has proved to be a leader in providing the All-on-4 procedure with the help of the "Nobel Biocare technique". The dentists are now able to restore full arches of lower and upper teeth instead of using past methods that include six, seven or even more implants as well as bone grafting. Implant Solutions uses this unparalleled technique involving four specifically placed implants that can be done at an affordable rate and a reduced healing time. All this is possible because this technology does not require bone grafting in the treatment. As a matter of fact, the success ratio of Implant Solutions is higher than other traditional approaches because of their advanced technologies. The All-on-4 technique is now being used in collaboration with the Nobel Guide planning software. It is FDA and CE approved and was pioneered initially in Europe.
Implant Solutions provides an end result that is a solid base to your new teeth without any further removal or replacement. The benefits that the patients get at Implant Solutions are:
• Immediate function
• An affordable solution for missing teeth
• Improvement in quality of life
• Fixed prosthesis
• A beautiful smile with a renewed self confidence.
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