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QueeredFiction is a start up small press publisher that focuses on the Gay, Lesbian, & Bisexual ‘Genred’ market. We began publishing in 2009, delivering Fantasy, Science Fiction and Horror with strong Queer content, characters and genre elements…most of all great Queered Fiction.

LGBT Publisher Unveils A Queer Future

LGBT Small Press Publisher QUEEREDFICTION releases Science Fiction Anthology featuring 18 talented authors and their visions of tomorrow where the future is queer.

The NEW RELEASE in the catalog of LGBT publisher QUEEREDFICTION PRESS is the Science Fiction anthology QUEER DIMENSIONS a collection of stories where the future is explored by 18 authors in 17 different and unique tales.

ISBN 978-1-920441-03-6 (Electronic Book)
ISBN 978-1-920441-02-9 (Paperback)

Readers are invited to "Visit the unexpected futures…where queer flowers bloom on strange new worlds even when that world is our own."

Stories are from both known and aspiring new talents, featuring the work of RJ Astruc; Joel Best; RJ Bradshaw; Jacques L. Condor; David Edison; Erastes; CS Fuqua; Fiona Glass; Inga Gorslar; Michael Itig; Lacey Louwagie; Mallory Path; Trent Roman; John Randall Williams; Logan Zachary; Angelia Sparrow & Naomi Brooks.

The collection has been edited by James EM Rasmussen who also edited the QUEEREDFICTION PRESS urban fantasy collection QUEER WOLF , a collection delving into the queer lives of werewolves living in the city.
"[A]n entertaining and varied collection, boasting such talents as Charlie Cochrane and Ginn Hale. Lovers of the lycan will find much to slaver over here: from the werewolf wanabee to the lovers-through-time, to waifs and strays. From the carnal to the violent to the passionate, this anthology will wag your tail, I guarantee it.
Erastes author of Standish & Transgressions.

QUEER DIMENSIONS is available in Trade Paperback from online distributors Amazon.com and Barnes&Noble and from your local bookstore. The title is also available in eBook formats from various distributors including Amazon Kindle; My Bookstore & More; Smashwords; and more.

For futhur details on the release view the title page at: www.queeredfiction.com/queerdimensions.htm

Visit the publisher's website: http://www.queeredfiction.com

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