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Cremation jewelry sales boom in lagging economy

In an era where the economy has been suffering and foreclosures and unemployment rates are at an all time high, certain industries and retail stores have seen an increase in sales this past holiday season. Everlasting Memories is an online retail store that specializes in cremation products of all types. This past December, Everlasting Memories experienced record sales and traffic to their website, www.evrmemories.com. At a time when other companies are making cuts and consumers are cutting back, paying your respects to those that have passed away appears to have reached an elevated level.

Everlasting Memories is a small online retail company that was started over five years ago by two young businessmen. Their initial intention was to sell a small selection of handcrafted cremation urns that would be suitable to memorialize either a human or a pet. Sales were initially slow the first couple of years but with the addition of other items as well as redesigning their website, sales started to come in at a much more rapid rate. One of their best additions to their online cremation urn website was an array of cremation jewelry.

Cremation jewelry is a small jewelry pendant that has a hollow space on the inside. Each pendant looks much like what you would expect to find at a jewelers with the exception of the small space. The secret behind the inner compartment is that its purpose is to cradle a remembrance of a loved one or animal that has passed away. This remembrance typically consists of cremated ashes, also called cremains, but is not limited to ashes. Sacred ground from the burial site, a lock of hair or even ashes from a burned photo are all acceptable remembrances towards those that have passed away.

Each pendant that Everlasting Memories sells on their site includes a matching chain or black satin cording. In a day and age when consumers are charged for every last item, this inclusion of the chain or cording is a breath of fresh air. Also, Everlasting Memories is one of the few companies that actually sends out product reviews to their customers in an effort to continually work on their products as well as any service issues or concerns that their customers may have. Everlasting Memories then posts these reviews by the correlating product in an effort to assist their customers with their product selection.

This tremendous conscientiousness towards their consumer base combined with an amazing product and compassionate customer service have given Everlasting Memories a leg up in the retail end of cremation jewelry and cremation urns. Their sales increased over 50% from December of 2007 and their continued success has initiated a doubling of their staff. However, Everlasting Memories continues to remain grounded in their intention to provide a quality product at a quality price and to treat every customer as if they are their only customer. Impeccable customer service combined with a winning and quality product equals impressive sales and a bright future for Everlasting Memories.

If you’d like more information or would like to schedule an interview with Casey Doran, please contact Donna VanHeel at (406)205-4578 or email Donna at sales@evrmemories.com.

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Contact : Casey Doran
Address : Everlasting Memories Inc.
1601 2nd Avenue North, Suite 633,
Great Falls - MT 59401
Phone : (406)205-4578
Email : sales@evrmemories.com
Website: http://www.evrmemories.com

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