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Celebrating MINI’s 50 years of existence!

The MINI, the British motoring icon turns 50 this year, and celebrations have been on right from the beginning of this year, by thousands of MINI fanatics. In the last five decades, MINIs have been used as everything from delivery vans to military vehicles. Here is a quick glimpse at some of the liiustrious moment's in MINI's history:
· Released for sale in August 1959, the Mini was designed by Sir Alec Issigonis as a cheap, economical car. When John Cooper, the ace Formula One constructor tweaked the engine, the MINI shifted lanes from the high streets to the racetracks.

· In the following years it became the unrivaled style icon of the swinging sixties, driven by movie stars, pop stars and royalty throughout Britain and beyond.

· By 1969, it was a movie star itself, with a starring role (alongside Michael Caine) in one of the most unforgettable car chases of all time in ‘The Italian Job’.

According to Mark Robinson, editor of Mini Magazine, “Very few people today use an old MINI as everyday transport, but the personality cult that began in the car’s early days keeps growing and changing. A MINI today is much more likely to be something for the weekend, whether it’s a cheap but slightly rusty toy, a pristine restored classic, or a wildly modified performance machine. What really ties these diverse enthusiasts together, though, is a real sense of fun.”
East Bay MINI, the leading dealer based out of Pleasanton, California invites all MINI lovers to celebrate this occasion in grand style. With lunch, pony rides and a lots more fun thrown in, there sure is going to be a great event to wish the MINI a very happy 50th Birthday! All details regarding this event are available at http://www.minicooperbayarea.com/blog/2009/08/mini-turns-50-come-celebrate-with-east.html

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