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Avid Unity MediaNetwork – RAID Data Recovery Services

Avid Unity MediaNetwork - RAID Data Recovery Services

Avid Unity MediaNetwork is a storage solution designed for storing, accessing and sharing media in collaborative workgroup environments and mid- to large-sized post and broadcast facilities. With this functionality, MediaNetwork solutions offer a lot of advantages over traditional storage area network (SAN) solutions. These fifth-generation Avid Unity MediaNetwork systems are re-engineered to provide increased power in a compact and cost-effective storage solution.

Built on Avid’s highly optimized file system architecture, the MediaNetwork systems is capable of delivering a complete range of uncompressed and compressed media in real time, including high-efficiency Avid DNxHD encoded media and uncompressed high-definition (HD) media. The system can simultaneously handle editing, finishing, audio and graphics work, using the same media files and projects in a dynamic and shared workspace. The system has a storage capacity of up to 128 TB with MEDIArray XT storage.

Featuring the new Avid Unity Media Engine all-in-one server and storage chassis, installation of the MediaNetwork is quite simple. The system supports both high-bandwidth 4-Gigabit Fibre Channel and low-cost Gigabit Ethernet interfaces along with proven Avid Unity software and modular MEDIArray XT storage expansion hardware. MediaNetwork supports a mix of real-time clients including Windows XP, Windows 2000, and Macintosh OS X applications via Fibre Channel or via Gigabit Ethernet. The system also includes optional Avid Interplay workgroup services that can provide integrated asset, production, and system management, background media transfer, and archival storage.

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Arco DD3 EzRaid - RAID Data Recovery Services

The EzRaid Dual Swap IDE RAID enclosure provides the ideal way to set up a RAID backup system for IDE drives. Built on Arco’s patented IDE (PATA) RAID mirroring technology, DD3 EzRaid provides an exact (and bootable, where applicable) duplicate of the drive and all the information it contains. This compact RAID enclosure mounts in two consecutive 5.25” drive bays. It features an easy-to-use front panel LCD and front panel RAID mirroring setup.

The DD3 EzRaid requires two adjacent external drive bays. Installation of EzRaid is quite simpler using the IDE (Paralle ATA) and power cables provided in the package. The DD3 EzRaid will immediately set up the mirror and make sure the drives remain identical. In case one of the drives fails, the system sounds an alarm to alert the users to replace it. Meanwhile the other drive will take over automatically.

The DD3 EzRaid can handle all RAID backup functions from its front panel buttons and LCD. To replace a failed drive, all the users have to do is to just unlock and remove the caddy containing the bad drive and replace it with a new one. Since the EzRaid caddies are designed for hot swap drive changes, there is no need to bring the system down. The DD3 EzRaid requires no driver or IRQ. It can send data to both drives simultaneously so there’s no lag time and no performance hit on the computer. Because EzRaid can work independently of any software, it can be used with any operating system.

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Raid Data Recovery Services - WeRecoverData.com

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