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Little Heroes launches first personalized children’s eBooks

New Little Heroes children's eBooks - an industry first - offer an economic alternative to expensive custom illustrated children's books.

Little Heroes Publishing launched its new range of personalized children's eBooks today, a first in the children's publishing industry. The eBooks offer an inexpensive solution to higher-priced custom illustrated books, tapping into a growing market trend.

"We are using technology to make personalized books available to people who otherwise may not afford it," said Gillian FitzGerald, Head of Marketing for Little Heroes. "Personalized books simply cost more than standard books because each book is unique."

Personalizing picture books is a complex process as both the story and the illustrations are customized. This requires each book to be printed individually, which eliminates the savings of large, non-custom print runs.

"The eBook format is more convenient for many people, particularly for people who commute or travel a lot," said FitzGerald. "It's ideal for vacations as it doesn't take up much space." EBook growth reached triple digits this year, far outstripping growth of traditional books.

"The book still looks the same. You still pick your eyes, hair and skin tone so illustrations look just like your child," said FitzGerald. "The only difference is that you now read the book online...and you pay a lot less!"

Little Heroes eBooks come in PDF format and can be read using any freely available PDF viewer or mobile devices, such as the iPhone.

For more information, contact:
Gillian FitzGerald
Little Heroes
gillian@littleheroes.com; +1 416 546 1638


Little Heroes creates personalized children's books where both the story and illustrations feature your child as the main character. The books make reading fun and are designed to build strong literacy, self-esteem and social skills of young children.
Little Heroes also provides free resources to enable parents, and anybody else involved with young children, to do the same too. Little Heroes is based in Toronto, Ontario.


Visit the publisher's website: http://www.littleheroes.com

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