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Don’t shun the idea of telemarketing and try Touchbusiness.co.uk Touch Business

September 2009 - Many people dismiss the idea of telemarketing services in order to increase brand awareness feeling it is too in your face for potential customers, but that is until they have spoken to Touchbusiness.co.uk.

Touch Business are a telemarketing agency as well as a media marketing company who can increase the profile of your business, get customers talking about you and potentially increase the sales you make.

Touchbusiness.co.uk are a UK call centre who can provide business to business (B2B) outbound telemarketing, marketing research, appointment setting, lead generation and sales.

With a clear and concise track record as a telemarketing agency, they have been able to deliver top class results for all of their clients, where other telemarketing agencies have fallen short.

We know that the telephone is a powerful business tool, but in the wrong hands can potentially damage a reputation that has taken years to build.

At Touch Business they focus on employing the most professional and courteous telemarketers in the business. We don’t use high pressured sales techniques, just a sophisticated approach to nurture business relationships with potential clients.

The team at Touch Business will work closely with each of their clients to set the main objectives for the campaign. While they do not work from scripts, they are aware there needs to be a set structure to keep the business professional. Together the client and the team at Touch Business will come up with the message to ensure they get the most out of every call they make on the client’s behalf.

The team are dedicated to providing sophisticated telemarketing services to ensure you target the right people with the relevant message. Targeting the right people will potentially maximise results and this is something Touch Business stand by.

And Touch Business is not just a telemarketing UK firm. The team are a dedicated marketing agency that grabs all aspects of the marketing world to create a package to suit your needs and requirements.

From email marketing to online marketing, we have a whole host of different packages to enable you to get the best out of your business through successful marketing campaigns and strategies.

And using telemarketing in conjunction with our other services will increase the success of any campaign.

The team gain an excellent understanding of a clients business and build a strong relationship in order to gain great communication and an excellent campaign.

They are full of fresh ideas, experience and natural passion which can give a business the best out of their marketing campaign.

For more information about the services that Touch Business provides, visit http://www.touchbusiness.co.uk today or call 0845 094 5753.

Visit the publisher's website: http://www.touchbusiness.co.uk

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