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Worry-free car rental with Car-hire-insurance.co.uk

October 2009 - When hiring a vehicle in the UK or abroad, more and more people are turning to Car-Hire-Insurance.co.uk for fantastic, cost-effective cover and ultimate peace of mind.

It’s an all-too-common occurrence of car hire drivers being stung with huge excess payments just because they didn’t read the small print on a rental contract, or purposely weren’t made aware of what they would have to pay if something went wrong.

Many basic car hire insurances that are part of the standard terms of vehicle hire will also restrict the types of damage to the hired vehicle that are covered. Damage to tyres and wheels, windows and glass, and sometimes lights and roof areas, may all be excluded from cover. As these are all areas of a vehicle that are commonly damaged in even minor accidents, the costs payable by the hirer in the event of an accident could be significant.

Renting cars abroad can be the most problematic source of car hire insurance problems, with hidden payments and large excesses lost in translation and, in some cases, drivers can be undone by the different legal systems outside of the UK.

It’s not surprising that both home and abroad, there are concerns over car hire insurance and car hire excess insurance and, in some cases, major doubt as to whether the insurance costs being paid offer value for money.

Fortunately , there is an alternative method of securing true peace of mind with the best cover the internet has to offer. Car-hire-insurance.co.uk’s car hire excess insurance policy covers you for the total amount of the excess that you are liable for if your car is stolen, broken into or damaged in any way.

Car-hire-insurance.co.uk insures the policy holder rather than the hired vehicle itself. If you have a policy with us you will not need to accept the excess car hire insurance cover offered to you at the counter when you pick up the car. If your car is then stolen, damaged or broken into, you will be charged the excess amount on your credit card and you then claim for reimbursement on your policy.

This also means that it is possible to purchase quarterly or longer period cover rather than vehicle-by-vehicle hire. This may offer cost advantages over purchasing individual ‘top up’ insurance on a rental-by-rental basis – particularly if you’re hiring vehicles regularly.

Contact Car-Hire-Insurance.co.uk today and put your mind at rest for all your vehicle rentals.

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