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Taking the phrase “custom-made” a step further,“iandmystory.com”, has come out with personalised versions of books wherein, the storyline is modified and the main characters assigned names as per individual orders. What this essentially means is that the reader would now get to read his favourite adventures wherein the principal characters are named after the child and his friends and associates. Reading familiar names and finding one to be the “star” of the storyline encourages kids to read and develop a culture of collecting books. Personalised books reinforce cultural and ethical values via a more user-friendly medium and also “keep the children away from digital distractions”. Every child will love to own a personalised book, stored on his very own bookshelf, where he can read about himself and be the central characterin an exciting adventure. These colourful and well-illustrated personalised books ensure just that. Working with local writers and illustrators, each story has been especially created for childrenof different age groups, introducing them to simple life concepts and nurturing a sense of creativity and self-esteem in them. You can take further information from our web site also. www.iandmystory.com 103, Defence Enclave, Vikas Marg, New Delhi-110092 Phone: 011-43043681

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A Web site specially dedicated for children’s book like, http://www.iandmystory.com
offers personalized story books for children’s which encourage kids in reading as they become part of these stories, and feel that they are playing those characters.

The personalized books are massive motivators for the children to enhance reading habits. A child would certainly like to read and narrate the story to elderly family members. “Nani, Nani look this is my personal story Book, shall I read it for you”!
And thus, the reading becomes play rather than a hard work.

Research among growing children show that reading is very much important for their educational growth and it increases their language as well as communication skill also. Sometimes it is difficult to force children to read books and to develop skill that are critical. And in today’s environment, they are attracted more towards the video games, Internet and TV. Thus the family and the teachers must find goods motivators for reading. Personalized story books are right answer

By each individual order for personalized children’s story books, the name of the child, Brother, Sister and Friends, are included in story. Thus the story becomes very personalized and children’s love reading these books again and again, as they can identify themselves with the story.

A unique idea is to print a personal message on the first page, making these books not only a cherished gift but a remembrance for the whole life.

All books are printed individually on the best quality paper. Books are fully illustrated, colorful and eye caching to attract kids attention. Each book checked manually to make sure that they are produced with the most high-quality.

There are eight titles on different themes of the personalized story books available at http://www.iandmystory.com.and can be ordered online. More titles and themes are in planning and published soon. You can contact us on office@iandmystory.com

Visit the publisher's website: http://www.iandmystory.com

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