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Scientific Find: Hollywood Remakes Actually Shrink Your Intelligence

As investigations continue unraveling further and further information about the effects of, what scientists have carefully dubbed, the "Tinseltown Truffle," the public continues feeding on the same recycled movies offered at their local silver screen and dvd rental shelf.

While the human eye watches sequels and remakes, the brain flushes mazillions of intelligence molecules, causing LCDBF (Lowest Common Denominator Brain Function) to obstruct their behaviour and full=on potential capability.
"If we as humans are not quick enough to remedy this leech," experts say "our vocabulary, our health, how we communicate with others, our brainwaves...our entire paradigm of life will shift as we know it. If we're not careful, the monkeys will be sending emails and we will be figuring out how to throw spears up into trees. Our microfiche' and high technology has proved that intelligence is as essential to Mother Earth as apple pie is to America. We need to stick together on this. We need creative new films and television shows. Madness. Art that MATTERS. Genius. Capiche'? This is the real deal here, so let's just buckle down and create some cool stuff...and maybe even save Earth in the process."

Two movie theatre employees have heeded this call for a renaissance and created a music video about Hollywood's chosen entertainment malnourishment techniques, called "The Real Psycho Transformer" by HIM&HIM. The grapevine has revealed that the professionals at Youtube are currently opening a spot on their front page for the popular parody of Eminem's "The Real Slim Shady."

Their hit single has been played on popular radio stations across the country, such as:
HotKiss106.3 - Texas
Z100 - New York
KISS108 - Boston
KISS107 - Cincinnati
KJ103FM - Oklahoma
106KMEL - San Francisco
Hot93.9 - Texas
101.1 The Beat Jamz - Tennessee
106.1 - KISSFM - Dallas/Ft Worth
96.1KISS - Pittsburgh
JAMMIN107.5 - Portland
KISSFM95.9 - Youngstown, OH

The single is available for free download in the info section of the youtube video, as well as here... http://www.zshare.net/download/61389955e7bf5b0e/

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