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I am a Special Education teacher. I have taken a leave from my profession, moved to Mexico, and I am writing. My third book, The Autism Handbook, will be published this week.

A Different View of Autism – Special Education Teacher Offers an Easy to Read and Understand Introduction to Autism Along with Six Case Studies of Students Suffering From the Disability

San Ysidro, California - October 15, 2009 - Jack E. George's latest book, The Autism Handbook, is now available worldwide in both English and Spanish. The book has received outstanding reviews. It offers a fast, easy to read introduction to the disability.

The author details the difficulties and joys of working with an autistic child and gives candid case studies such as: 1)Cheri, stripping naked and running out of his classroom; 2)Samir, walking with his classmates down the main street of Palo Alto, CA when he suddenly decides to urinate; 3)Bobby, throwing a major tantrum in a fast-food restaurant resulting in the manager calling the police. By reading and understanding different behaviors, this book will equip you with knowledge to help you in difficult situations.

Jack E. George understands the ups and downs, the fears, the great days mixed with the bad days and all of the emotions that care-providers of an autistic child face. The Autism Handbook offers ideas, suggestions, and crucial steps to take with an autistic child - something as simple as understanding the I.E.P. process to connecting with a Regional Center for services.

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Visit the publisher's website: http://www.jackegeorge.com

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