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Bitblock Systems now offers Secure-Site Backup Service

Bitblock’s Secure-Site Backup provides an optimal, safe storage solution and a sound base for any disaster recovery plan. Easy access to backup volumes and customer defined scheduling and retention periods are also part of the core feature set. Data is backed up to a live storage cluster, and accessible instantly. In British Columbia, data is delivered via dedicated DSL connection, eliminating transfer fees. Backups are completely automated, according to custom schedules and
retention is customizable and scalable. Bitblock’s Secure-Site Backup is compliant with all known Canadian and British Columbia regulations regarding privacy and security and is hosted in Canada.

Bitblock Systems is a Vancouver, BC based, enterprise class application service provider focused on highly available hosted services. Bitblock’s core philosophy is one of “no single point of failure”, which is augmented by our pro-active monitoring and self healing networks. With this platform Bitblock delivers Secure-Site Backup, Hosted Exchange, Hosted Terminal Services, and Hosted IPPBX (VoIP) services to a wide range of corporate clients.

For more information, please contact Derrick Mitchell.

Visit the publisher's website: http://www.bitblock.com

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