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Revoluntionary BBQ ‘Rotisserie’ System for Gas Grills

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June 30, 2009

The Revoluntionary BBQ 'Rotisserie' System for Gas Grills

Just recently released to the general public is the Revoluntionary 'Rib-O-Lator' BBQ Grilling System for gas grills. This revoluntionary 'Rib-O-Lator' BBQ System is comprised of four (4) rotating trays fitted to a standard gas grill rotisserie.

Barbecue enthusiasts everywhere are discovering how much better barbecue can be when it's cooked on the ALL NEW 'Rib-O-Lator- BBQ System. This revoluntionary 'indirect-heat' cooking method ensures you will be "The Master of the Grill" everytime.

If your barbecue continues to turn out burnt, tough and dried out... it's time to start using the 'Rib-O-Lator'. The 'Rib-O-Lator' is designed to easily and conveniently fit onto the rod of your barbecue rotisserie. Simple to install, simple to use.

Keep in mind...
'Direct-Heat', because of excess heat, destroys grilled food by robbing it of it's natural flavor, natural juices and tenderness.
'Indirect-Heat' locks in natural flavors, natural juices, keeping the foods tender. 'Indirect-Heat' is the only way to be sure your grilled foods turn out tender, juicy and packed with natural smoky flavor only outdoor grilling can give you.

With the 'Rib-O-Lator' BBQ System foods will always be grilled to perfection. Never Dry! Never Burnt! Always Succulent! Always Juicy! Always Tender! Anything you now cook directly on the grill, you'll cook even better using the 'Rib-O-Lator' The choice is yours.

Ask yourself...
Do you want to be a 'Slave to your gas grill'? or, Do you want to be "The Master of the Grill"?
Are you tired of barbecue food turning out burnt, tough, dried out? Are you fed up with grease fires, singed eyebrows? Was your last barbecue a backyard disaster? If you have answered yes to any of these questions, you can stop worrying about your next barbecue. How? Install the 'Rib-O-Lator' on your gas grill, sit back and relax. When you use the 'Rib-O-Lator', you can enjoy great barbecue time after time without the worries. Be "The Master of the Grill".

The ALL NEW 'Rib-O-Lator' BBQ System with its 4 rotating trays is large enough to feed the entire family, friends, and more. The system is large enough for you to grill several different foods at the same time. Revoluntionary! Don't waste anymore food barbecuing the old fashioned way... get started grilling the 'Rib-O-Lator' way.

You can see the 'Rib-O-Lator' in action. Just go to; www.ribolator.com to watch the videos. You absolutely won't be disappointed you did.

To add natural smoke flavor when using your gas grill, be sure to check out the 'FlavorDome Grill Smoker' while visiting us. FlavorDome is "The World's Foremost Gas Grill Smoker". It is the only grill smoke spefically designed to work in outdoor gas grills. No other gas grill smoker compares to the FlavorDome Grill Smoker.

Are you "The Master of Your Gas Grill"?

Roger Scott
BBQ News Group
SF - Bay Area

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