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Christopher Geisert invented the Posture Pal cushion and Posture Cap invention.

Posture Pal Patent Infringement Lawsuit Filed Against Bernard Brown

Christopher P. Geisert, the inventor of the Posture Pal cushion, has filed a patent infringement suit with the United States District Court Northern District of Texas on April 13, 2009 against Bernard Brown of Dallas, Texas.

The motions included in Mr. Geisert’s lawsuit include a Cease and Desist order against Bernard Brown. The motion states that the current patent owner is Christopher Geisert who has not given Bernard Brown permission to sell the Posture Pal invention.

The Cease and Desist motion states that the current manufacturing of the Posture Pal cushion being sold by Bernard Brown is from a mold and manufacturer that hasn’t been approved by Mr. Geisert.

“The product currently being sold by Bernard Brown does not come from my certified manufacturer and could be different,” says Geisert.

“Mr. Brown has produced a new mold and if the mold curves aren’t right, the product will not be effective or beneficial. Producing this mold correctly is very difficult,” states Geisert.

“The density of the cushion is also unknown which can cause the cushion to be less effective, harming the reputation of my invention. I also don’t know if the foam is safe and passes US Standards,” states Geisert.

Motions for a monetary award for the sale of Geisert’s invention by Bernard Brown and lawyer re-imbursement have also been included.

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