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Business Owner ‘Laughs off’ The Credit Crunch!

A COMPANY is helping recession-hit businesses turn a profit without resorting to the kind of savage cutbacks that have dominated the news for the last two years.
As reports of job losses and plant closures continue to make the headlines Enterprise Connect UK is helping companies significantly lower their cost base. Enterprise Connect puts companies in touch with alternative utility and telecoms companies who can offer cheaper rates than their current suppliers. But Enterprise says its service extends beyond sourcing gas, electric, telephone, mobile and broadband products to include almost every service businesses rely on.
Russ Arrowsmith, Vice President of Corporate Development at Enterprise Connect UK, said: “We are the white knights in shining armour for business owners looking to lower their costs and increase profits at no cost. Most business owners have the inclination but neither the time nor the expertise to analyse the markets, connect with alternative business suppliers and manage their business costs effectively. This is what we do for businesses across the UK.”
David Lloyd, managing director of Shropshire Paving Ltd, said: “The credit crunch is not affecting my profits since meeting Enterprise Connect UK. “They are saving me thousands every year on just about everything my business relies on. What’s more they don’t charge me a penny to do it! Their cost-reduction and management service is entirely free. Now when clients ask me about the credit crunch I just laugh it off.”
For all enquiries contact Enterprise Connect UK. Tel: 08448 541 778

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