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Christopher Geisert invented the Posture Pal cushion and Posture Cap invention.

Posture Pal Companies Abandoned, FHP Products Formed

The Delaware Posture Pal companies have been abandoned since January 5, 2008. The inventor of the Posture Pal cushion, Christopher Geisert, has started a new company called FHP Products to replace the defunct companies. FHP Products stands for Forward Head Posture Products.

“When looking on the web, every country has a different Posture Pal. I felt that as I wanted to expand my product line and the products deal with Forward Head Posture, FHP Products was a great name that nobody was using,” states Geisert.

FHP Products first product to be sold is Mr. Geisert's new posture invention called Posture Cap. The Posture Cap retrains the head to be in correct position, re-programs the body's muscle memory to keep the head in correct position and strengthens the muscles that hold the head in correct position.

“Posture Cap is a great advancement in that you can retrain your head position without having to lay down and it also strengthens your muscles. My Posture Pal cushion is great, but doesn't strengthen the muscles so I'm proud of my new products advancement,” states Geisert.

The Posture Pal cushion will be sold by FHP Products in the near future. Posture Cap is patent pending.

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