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A ‘Cowdung Films’ presentation, presented by Renu Sablania, Director, producer & writer: Nikhil Sablania, Associate director: Sudhir Raut, Cinematographer: Susheel Gautam, Sound: Rajendra Prasad, Editing: Shashikant, Chief assistant director: Raikishori, Cast: Yashika Nagpal, Vikas Katyal & Vishal Mundra

Interview With Actor Vishal Mundra On His Film – Checkmate

Hi, this is Nikhil Sablania (NS), writer, producer and director of upcoming Hindi film ‘Checkmate’, interviewing Vishal Mundra (VM) one of the actors in the film.

NS. Vishal what does the film Checkmate mean to you?

VM: Checkmate means a lot to me since it is my very first chance to act in a film. And it does have a very different story line from the regular Bollywood flicks, which makes it even more special for me.

NS. What was your reaction when you first heard about the film’s story?

VM: I found the story quite unusual and different. When you hear it for the first time you might find it a routine story but when you go through it again, you will discover so many interesting aspects of the story.

NS: Tell us about your character in the film.

VM: I play a typical small town guy who is an engineer by profession and is in love with a girl he has never seen in real. He is shy and reserved by nature but at the same time, he’s mentally prepared and excited about settling down with this girl. But destiny has other plans for him. So what follows in the film is an extremely interesting story.

NS. How was the shooting experience of the film?

VM: It was a great but quite tiring as well. Since the story happens in one night, we had to shoot for several nights continuously. But ultimately it was great.

NS. How did you prepare yourself for the role?

VM: We had rehearsals for few days before we actually went into shooting. So there was a fair amount of preparation for the role.

NS: I remember you ultimately got to face the camera many days after shooting began. I used to ask you everyday to be ready with costume and make up with a thought that we might require you anytime. And every day you would wait patiently and assist behind the camera instead. What were you feelings then?

VM: When you work as a team these things never matter. I don’t really remember how I felt then. I just enjoyed working as a whole and since we were a small unit, I thought of being involved in things rather than just sit and watch. It was great and I really enjoyed it.

NS. Do you agree with what film tells?

VM: Yes, I do agree with the film. In today’s life it is more important for people to be “practical” and relationships have taken a backseat. So the film actually reflects today’s worldly reality.

NS. How was your experience working with Vikas Katyal and Yashika Nagpal?

VM: The experience was nice. Vikas has already pursued a course in acting so it wasn't difficult relating with him or having discussions about the film. It was a pleasure working with both of them.

NS. And what about me?

VM: (Laughs) You are a wonderful person to work with. The best thing about working with you is that you know your job really well and you know exactly what you want. I loved working with you.

NS. What are your future plans?

VM: I am looking forward to do some good work. When the film releases it will certainly open a lot many opportunities. But thinking too much about the future is unlike me. I like to rather concentrate on the present.

NS. As you know this is not run-of-the-mill Bollywood fare, something we would also like to share with the audience. Is there anything about ‘Checkmate’ that you would like to convey to the audiences who would be watching this film?

VM: It’s a very different story about practicality and logic versus relationships. I feel the youth will really connect with the idea of the film.

NS. Thank you very much Vishal. I wish we get to work together for many more future projects too. I have enjoyed working with right from the time of our first short film ‘Gajar Ka Halwa’. I liked your intelligence as an actor and your confidence. Best of luck.

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