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Cristiano Fortelli to Run Free Promotions for Tailgating Guru – 19 Must Have Tailgating Recipes

Cristiano Fortelli, acclaimed author of Tailgating Guru - 19 Must Have Tailgating Recipes will run a free promotion for the book on January 31st to February 2nd 2013. The said promo is geared towards increasing the book’s popularity among target customers and giving them a chance to secure its copy without spending too much money. 

Fortelli claims that Tailgating Guru - 19 Must Have Tailgating is a must-have cook book for Superbowl parties, as it is comprehensive, easy to understand and presents rich content. He also added that the readers will enjoy reading the book, as it is not just complete but written in an engaging way as well. 

The book comes with 46 pages and features the most delicious and healthiest food recipes that are easy and quick to make such as salad, wings, dips and salsa. Some recipes only need ingredients which can be found in the kitchen, not requiring users to spend too much while others only require to be put in the microwave. 

With the rich content of the book and its healthy Superbowl Tailgating recipes, it has instantly gained positive testimonials from buyers. 

“The recipes in this book give you a vast array of foods to take to your next tailgating event. The ingredients are easy to obtain and the directions are simple. I'm excited about trying the Beer Cheese in a Bread "Super Bowl" for our next get together.” – Vickie 

"This is a fun cookbook with some yummy recipes. I am always looking for some fun new stuff to make for game says". - T. Valentine 

“Great tailgating recipes with a side of humor. Love the titles of the recipes..."Clear the Bench Bean Salad." Lots of great wing recipes.” – Rachael 

Fortelli is now making the necessary arrangements and preparations to ensure the success of the Tailgating Guru - 19 Must Have Tailgating Recipes’ 3-day free promotion. To date, the ebook is sold for $4.99, but will still be subject to changes in the next coming months. 

For more information about Tailgating Guru - 19 Must Have Tailgating Recipes and its upcoming promotions, contact Cristiano Fortelli or visit its Amazon link at http://amzn.com/B0094OK3P0.

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