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Stacaravan-The New Home Sweet Home

Given that Mobile homes have been here since times immemorial, it is a wonder as to why it is becoming the most sought after kind of homes by the general mass only these days. The current economy has led to the situation where most of the middle class families prefer to have mobile homes as their houses. This demand in mobile houses has again further led to the construction people getting creative in designing new kind of mobile homes and with better and better technologies and architectures. 

The other name for mobile homes is stacaravan and it is a very common asset in the United States where most families go for road trips and holidays in it. In other countries it is also called caravans. Most probably the idea of a mobile home originated from middles age gypsy caravan. How this mobile home works is that they are built in factories and not on site, and then only taken to the site where they will be placed and occupied. 

Most mobile homes are placed on a particular site and left there permanently but they are also built in such a way that they can be moved again to another location if need be. Most of the historical figures and famous personas have been known to have grown up in mobile homes and have their fond early memories growing up in them. While it was not so much of a luxury back then, these days there are different ranges of mobile homes from luxury to simple sitting mobile homes. 

Ironically mobile homes are also now termed as the stacaravan because the residents of mobile homes do not have to pay as much as property taxes and so they are taxed as vehicles. Though this legal implication may work pretty well for the residents of mobile homes, it has been reported to create strains in the infrastructure and government works of the affected areas. 

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