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Phil Smith Launches Website – How To Build Muscle Fast

February 15, 2013 - Phil Smith, a once skinny and dull looking male has now turned into a muscle-packing professional, quite literally. Throughout the past 3-years, Smith has dedicated his life to positive change. Through hard work and dedication, he has now hit the sweet spot where he wants to be in life. On the 18th September 2009, after 3-months of raw, dedicated, sheer passion for gaining weight and changing his life, he has finally become something which he is proud of. Now, he dedicates his spare time to educating fellow guys pack on the pounds and get lean. 

How To Build Muscle Fast is a new website that has been launched by Smith in a bid to provide comprehensive sets of information on how typical skinny males can begin working out and putting on the weight. With a whole lifetime of similar experiences, Smith understands how hard it is to put on weight and gain serious amounts of muscle. However, through trial and effort, Smith has managed to achieve his all-time dream. 

Speaking, Phil Smith said, “I know how it feels to be skinny with not an inch of muscle. Sure, it’s great because you can literally eat what you want and not have to worry about putting weight on. But, what about those who want to get bigger and want to have muscles, and six-pack Abs? For those people, I feel sorry for them, because I’ve been through it too.” 

To learn more about Smith, or to visit his website on How To Build Muscle Fast, head over to: http://www.howtobuildmusclefastr.org

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