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Making Ship Operations Seamless and Easy

Mumbai, February 18, 2013, – India has long been considered as one of the fastest rising economic powers for the last couple of years. That being the case, it comes as no surprise that more and more countries are relying on this tiger cub in order to outsource some of the key parts of their operations. Although most people equate India with the typical BPO set-up, there is actually more to this raring country than meets the eye. 

With most of the earth being covered by water, it is only common to find a number of countries engaged in shipping. Although it can be quite easy to make money off major bodies of water, getting the right tool, in most cases a ship, can pose a challenge. This means you would need a professional who can actually help you conduct vessel pre-purchase inspections. Not only that, once you have the right ship on hand, you also have to make sure that it would be able to enter the needed ports and would have the necessary certifications for whatever service you are intending for it. This is where SeaPromise comes in. 

SeaPromise Shipping Private Unlimited is a Mumbai-based company that provides shop owners with a perfect way to get their shipping services going without having to deal with various red tapes and headaches. Some of the services being provided by the company include cargo gear inspection and testing, preparation of safety management systems manuals for all flags, flag conversion consultancy, anchor handling operations, consulting services for towing project, technical management services and crew management services, and supply of stores as well as provisions. 

The SeaPromise Shipping Private Unlimited has over 20 years of cumulative experience from its Master Mariners and Chief Engineers allowing the company to take hold of any problem efficiently. If you would like to know more about how they can help you, visit http://www.indembsudan.com/40633/57.htm 

Contact :
SeaPromise Shipping Private Limited.
Vij Villa, Ground Floor,
Natwar Nagar, 4th Road,
Jogeshwari East,
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

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