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World Renowned Indian Psychic Healer Opens Office in London

Guruji, the world famous Indian Psychic has recently opened a new office in Southall, London. 

The Birmingham based psychic healer, astrologer and palmist commutes between his two offices, offering his services to thousands of his dedicated followers. The new London base is due to popular demand for his presence in the capital. 

The highly regarded Vedic Astrologer is a popular figure worldwide with many clients from the US, UK and Europe, Canada, Africa, Australia, India, Dubai and even Saudi Arabia. 

His predictions and consultations with many high profile celebrities has often attracted the attention of the media, which have profiled his character on Zee TV, Asia net-TV, Radio BBC-Asia network (UK), XL Radio (Birmingham) and India Post Television USA. 

In 1995 Astrologer Guruji was the guest of British Airways and successfully hosted road shows at Heathrow, Glasgow, Newcastle and Manchester Airports, which helped raise his profile, and resulted in a large loyal following. 

In a recent interview he said, “My mission is to help people with personal problems, especially relationship problems. I can also make very accurate predictions about business matters, careers, marriage and events. People consult me on all manner of things and I do my best to help them all.” 

Guruji comes from a family line of spiritual healers and psychics, which go back many generations, and where he himself has gained his gift and spiritual teachings from his own father who also practices in this field in New Delhi, India. 

These spiritual remedies arise from the Hindu religion and date back over 7000 years. Spiritualism is one of the core principles from this religion and its power and effects have been recognised for centuries by millions of people from all over the world. 

Guruji practices vedic astrology, palmistry, face reading, spiritualism and psychic readings. He has been honing his skills, which have been passed down through numerous generations, for more than 35 years. 

Followers in the London area can now visit him in person at his Southall office, or call him to book consultations. More information about Guruji and the range of services he provides can be found on his website at www.gurujee.co.uk

All telephone enquiries to 077 1420 9494

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