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Leading Provider of Hydraulic Jacks in UK

Stone Business Park, UK, 19/02/2013 – With the advancement in manufacturing procedures, hydraulic jacks have become an essential part of the construction industry and the motor industry. These gadgets are ideal for lifting extremely without the need of some manual help. HTS is a company that has been involved in the production of machinery moving parts for several years. The specialized hydraulic jack manufactured by the company comes in the form of a toe jack. Among several types of load moving systems, this system is the most effective and comes with different types of useful features. 

The toe part of the hydraulic jack moves effortlessly under extremely heavy weights which do not allow the use of moving skates. This makes it easier to lift the loads which would otherwise be impossible to lift by using some other mechanism. The machinery comes with some useful features like Eco-Jack-S-Series, Eco-Jack-SX-Series for the external pumps. Apart from that the Eco-Jack-XR-Series is also included along with integrated pull back system. The EC-Jack-G-Series comes with lifting claw for forklifts. The most important part about these hydraulic jacks is that they are extremely easy to operate and does not involve complex operations. The eco jack universal from HTS is available in 5 different series where the loading capacity can reach up to fifty tones. The patented lifting claw is one of the vital features of this machinery which help switching of heavy goods to another position with only one hand and does not require tilting movements. 

The hydraulic jacks from HTS are made with high quality materials and lot of attention is paid on the design. The specialized designs of the jacks allow the self weights to be reduced by twenty percent in comparison to other jacks. The precision milled guides made from high quality and high resistant materials ensures precise lowering and lifting motion which ultimately leads to long product life. Apart from that, a release valve is also included which helps to make subtle arrangements during the lowering process. 

Apart from the hydraulic jacks, HTS has made a name for itself in the manufacture of some other machinery like ACTEK hoist rings, wind turbine assembly, pallet trucks, lifting gear and many more. All the products from the company are manufactured under proper supervision so as to make sure that they are able to deliver the best results. In case, the requirements of the business are not met by the standard products, the company offers tailor made solutions so as to make sure that every requirement is met. They have certainly made a huge difference in the world of machinery moving industry with their top class products. 

About HTS 

URL: http://www.hts-direct.co.uk 

HTS has been associated with the machinery moving industry for a long period of time and their innovative and specialized products have benefitted several businesses. They offer convenient deliveries to many parts of UK and has earned huge recognition from its clients.

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