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SBNR Progressive Christianity Channel Launched by Livinghour.org

The Living Hour has announced the launch of an online media channel featuring audios and videos aimed at bringing fresh perspectives to Progressive Christians, the SBNR (Spiritual But Not Religious), and progressive spiritual seekers of all faiths. Launched in conjunction with YouTube, the channel will include LivingHour.org productions, such as readings from the free book The Lord’s Prayer for Daily Life, as well as a wide assortment of interviews, documentaries, and clips pulled from YouTube’s huge archive of videos.

“The problem with trying to navigate a video site like YouTube is that there are millions of videos to search through,” says Pastor David, director of LivingHour.org. “You can waste an awful lot of time trying to find things that interest you. But with The Living Hour channel it is like having a wise old friend who can act as a filter of sorts. You know that the videos on our channel have been hand-picked to appeal to spiritual progressives seeking new perspectives on everything from religion and spirituality to science and the arts.”

Currently showing at The Living Hour channel are audio readings from the first few chapters of The Lord’s Prayer for Daily Life; video picks from Bill Moyer’s Faith and reason series; comedian Lewis Black’s take on religion; a challenging discussion between renowned physicist David Bohn and Indian philosopher J. Krishnamurti; Beat writer Gary Snyder’s views on poetry and ecology; and more.

To view The Living Hour’s audios and videos for Progressive Christians and the Spiritual But Not Religious, please go to:


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