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Liars need to be caught! Trooper Trent Pettigrew will show you how

Worldwide - March 7, 2013 – Nothing in the world is more insidious and damaging than a liar. Liars have brought down governments, cost investors billions and destroyed countless marriages. Now, a professional “lie detector” will show you how to catch those liars long before they can mess up your life or waste your time and money.

Trooper Pettigrew shows you how lie detection works by exposing the lies of politicians and athletes, even using transcripts from actual interviews he has conducted in his years as a Criminal Interdiction Trooper.

Liar! Lie Detection Made Easy “The Proof” is the second, expanded volume of his original bestselling book. In this new volume, Trooper Pettigrew shows you actual examples of liars in action.

Ever wonder:

• Are your teenagers lying to you?
• Is your spouse cheating on you?
• Are your co-workers lying to you?
• Is your boss hiding something from you?

This book will not only show you how Trooper Pettigrew catches liars, but will show you how to do it too. Imagine being able to spot a lie nearly 100% of the time. This book will show you how.

With over 20 years experience, Trent Pettigrew is a highly decorated State Trooper for a Mid-South state. He has earned the rank of Captain/Troop Commander. Not only has he been recognized repeatedly by his own agency, but he has achieved national recognition through multiple citations from federal agencies as well.

Don't let another lie get past you. Pick up Trooper Trent Pettigrews new book LIAR! Lie Detection Made Easy “The Proof.” It is available through Amazon.com. Trooper Pettigrew is available for speaking engagements and interviews by contacting him at http://www.liedetectionmadeeasy.com/the-calendar/.

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