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3D PageFlip Professional Makes Electronic Publishing Easy

March 2013- Version 1.5.7 of the 3D PageFlip Professional makes electronic publishing easy. The new update has just been released to consumers, and now creating e-magazines and similar digital content is manageable with this helpful software.

Several new features are added to 3D flip book maker. It now has ability to dit text on flipping pages. The ability to insert image or swf file and show them as new pages is also available. Various font styles and effects are pre-designed for users to apply quickly. To make the text readable, there is also support to change font style, font size, font color, and font effects like the ability to bold and italicize in 3D PageFlip Professional. In addition, two new templates, Moving template and Flexible template, are added. Moving template provides a flash sliding opening while Flexible template provides more flexible choices in one flipping book.

The software can bring much more help to electronic publishing industry. As e-publication is widely used nowadays, traditional publishing industry is no longer irreplaceable. Electronic publishing is more effective, greener, and lower cost when compared to traditional material book. Awesome features in 3D PageFlip Professional will help on electronic publishing.

Companies can display their work in a 3D flipping book and publish it online in HTML format once done. Flipbooks created with the 3D PageFlip Professional can also be shared via mail in a zip file. With the batch convert mode, users can convert a large amount of PDF to flipbook all at once. This technology is absolutely necessary in the day and age of electronic media; it will get the publication ready as quickly as possible

People can enjoy free support forever to become users of 3DPageFlip software business. The company has an excellent term that will ensure the quality of service. Based on users’ requirements, they are able to provide software that is user friendly. Besides, quality is also another important factor they focus on. Choose a suitable software is the first step to success. To get more detailed information about 3D PageFlip Professional, visit the company website where potential customers can view a demo of this groundbreaking new software and even purchase it online.

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