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ZIP Code Soft Offers Free Web Tools to Find All ZIP Codes within a Radius

March 11, 2013 – ZIPCodeSoft introduces free web tools that can help users find very useful information related to zip codes and geographical distances throughout the USA and Canada. For example, one can use their tool to find all zip codes within a radius. One can simply enter a zip code and choose the radius in miles and the tool will quickly display all the zip codes that exist within the chosen radius. This will help a user to help identify all the zip codes around a chosen zip code. The information can be used for various purposes. According to the company, many local businesses use the free tool to help identify the nearby areas close to their headquarters for their business expansion.

They have also a free tool that can be used to find the distance in miles between two zip codes. By entering two zip codes of the USA or Canada, one can calculate the distances. The tool gives both the distances on the map distance as well as the road distance between the two zip codes. This helps many travelers, businesses and others who need to know the distance between two particular zip codes. The creator of these innovative tools, ZIP Code Soft, maintains that their objective is to help people get the valuable information that can help them plan their travels, business tours, surveys etc. According to them, a large number of people access their tools online to get the information that they desire.

One of the developers of ZIPCodeSoft reveals, “Our web tool for finding zip codes within a radius can be accessed simply through any browser. This gives users a great deal of flexibility and whenever they need they can simply log on to our website and use the tool to find out all the zip codes. Once they have the desired zip codes they can use another web tool to find distances between two zip codes. One needs not to download and install any software on to their computer systems.”

However, they have downloadable Zip Code Databases as well that one can use to find distances between ZIP Codes or can search all ZIP Codes within a radius. But if you want to use their web tools, you need to visit their website http://www.zipcodesoft.com/.

About ZIPCodeSoft

ZIPCodeSoft is the developer of several free as well as downloadable tools that can help people calculate distances between zip codes and determine all zip codes existing in a given radius. They have zip code applications for Android devices as well. The company also sells searchable zip code and postal code databases of the USA and Canada.

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