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The Development Trend of Ceramic Lined Valve

11th March, 2013 –Luoyang, China- With the development of science and technology, people can expect the development of application for the ceramics lined valve will be faster. As we all know, the Special ceramics tool, such as the ceramic tube and ceramics lined valve in the modern industrial technology especially in the field of new and high technology has become increasingly important. The profits of ceramics tool is expected to reach $50 billion at the turn of the 21century. So many scientists predicted that the special ceramics materials tool such as ceramics ball will occupy an important position in the history of the development of the science and technology in the 21st century.

As we all know, the quality and technology level for ceramic lined Valve products is related to the development in various fields such as the petroleum, chemical, electric power, nuclear industry, oil and gas, transport and ocean engineering. The ceramic Valve enterprise should meet the need of downstream users' requirements and pay attention to the core technology research and development. At the same time, they should strengthen management and change the current status of low level of competition for the industry. At the end, promote products to the direction of high-tech content, high parameter, strong corrosion resistance, high using life, improve the industry's overall competitiveness. The example of this kind of company is the fuboon which is a professional ceramic producer who produce wide range of ceramic tools which was ceramic tube, Precision ceramic balls, ceramic knife, ceramic lined valve and ceramic disc. The products has been sold worldwide and the business is growing sharply every year. Their website is http://www.fuboon.com/

The valve sealing parts and wear parts which were made of new ceramic structure material will largely improve the valve products' quality which are wear resistance, anticorrosion and sealing. We will set the ceramic lined valve as the typical example. From the using record of the ceramic lined valve, we could see that the ceramic materials will greatly extend the service life of the valve and greatly reduced the using and replacement frequency of ceramic lined valves. And it could improve equipments' operating system security, stability and reduce the labor intensity of workers and the equipment repair costs. The application of Ceramic lined valve can improve the impermeability of industrial piping system and it can also maximum the limitation at the same time put an end to leak and then the ceramic lined valve will play a positive role in promoting the environmental protection. The materials for ceramic valve and tubes are widely and low cost which we could use the aluminum, carbon, silicon and other common elements to produce the ceramic fuboon material with superior performance. This method can save a lot of metal materials and rare mineral resources. The wear-resistant ceramic valve is mainly used in electric power, petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, mining, sewage treatment and other industrial fields, especially in the face of high wear, strong corrosion, high temperature and high pressure condition. it will show its excellent performance and satisfy the use of strong high wear and corrosion environment, especially the feature of its long service life and its cost performance is far superior to other similar metal valve. With the continuous development and progress of science and technology, ceramic material from formula, molding, machining and assembly process and other various aspects of technology will becomes more mature and complete. The ceramic lined valve with its superior performance to get more people ceramic tube in the same industry. The successful experience of producing ceramic valve can also be applied in the wider range of engineering fields.

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