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Google Ranks Mohr Publicity as Best PR Agency in Los Angeles

Hollywood, CA - Breaking into the big leagues of top Los Angeles PR firms and traditional Publicity Agencies like Saatchi and Saatchi and TBWAChiatDay would be daunting for any reputable PR Agency, but new promotional technologies in social media have leveled the playing field according to the executives at Mohr Publicity. “We can compete with the big companies because we use complex formulas to attract followers, fans and views to a company’s site as fast as any million dollar PR firm.” says CEO Sandra Mohr. “We give credit to the computer programmers and social media experts we have on our team…they are absolute geniuses.”

In their all-inclusive Born To Be Viral PR package (listed on the site for $365) Mohr Publicity promises to send 10,000 active Twitter Followers, 2500 Facebook Likes, 10,000 YouTube Views and place a client’s press release into 100 top newspapers including the Boston Globe, SFGate, and Newsday.com within a couple of days. “It used to be impossible to compete with mainstream publishers, PR firms, record companies, and film distributors,” says Mohr. “Now we can launch the careers of authors, musicians and indie filmmakers by using advanced social media technology to break into the cliques that dominate the artistic and entertainment industries.”

It sounds almost too good to be true; tens of thousands of active Twitter Followers, 5 Star IMDB star meter ratings and positive Amazon.com reviews delivered practically overnight? Apparently, it has been going on for many years-a best kept secret used by the most popular celebrities in Hollywood. But, as Sony, Beyonce, Lady Gaga and dozens of entertainment companies learned the hard way, social media promotions throwing hoards of followers to a site need to be careful not to violate the “terms of services” put forth by YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Automated or “bot” social media promotions can cause an account to be banned or permanently removed from the social media site. “We wish Beyonce and Lady Gaga would have come to Mohr Publicity for their Twitter and YouTube promotions,” says the company CEO. “Their views would still be up and all of their original Twitter followers would be present and active.”

Mohr Publicity has quickly become one of the most popular public relations agencies in Los Angeles because it produces results quickly in the world of traditional (press release) news media as well as the newest social media sites. As a road test, we had Mohr Publicity “retweet” a message on Twitter with the hashtag #oprahbookclub. Not only was the tweet shared by over 2000 Twitter accounts, it stayed at the top of the Oprah book list chat for 6 days. In a world craving “instant gratification” they manage their brands quickly and affordably.

Using their own PR services to promote their website has been effective, too. Google the words: Best Publicity Company in the USA and you will see Mohr Publicity comfortably dominating page 1. No small feat for a company about to celebrate its first year in business. “We started out as a film production company in 1997, but PR and social media became such an important part of jump-starting our client’s promotions, we decided to open a publicity arm,” says founder Sandra Mohr. “It just took off from there.”

About Mohr Publicity:

Mohr Publicity is a public relations agency built for the digital universe. They specialize in social media and Internet promotions including Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Pinterest. Their companies Born To Be Viral and Next Big Thing News keep clients up to date on the newest Internet promotions. Mohr Publicity was established in 1997.

For Media Contact:
Denise Hubbard,
Mohr Publicity,
Los Angeles, CA, USA
Phone: 323-521-3409
Email: media@mohrpublicity.com
Website: http://mohrpublicity.com

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