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Oil and Gas GIS Data Catalog

March 2013 - US Land Grid, Inc. has just made available for instant download our 2,700 Oil and Gas GIS data products. Ready for instant download is the Texas and PLSS Land Grid, over 300 Tax Parcels, and countless counties of PDF maps. No more waiting for your different datasets, get one of the 2,700 GIS datasets or PDF maps that you need instantly and without any hassle.

Our land grid data has been ready for a few months now. Apart from offering multple datums at no charge, our data comes with the lots, the quarters and the surveys. We don't separate layers that belong to the land grid, we give you everything. Without a doubt a largest live, ready to download, GIS dataset with over 1,100 products, our land grid data and texas survey data is the largest online GIS catalog for instant download.

Matching the vastness of land with tax parcels (sometimes referred to as surface parcels, parcels, or surface ownership) completes the picture between land allotment and land ownership. Tax parcels become the meat in the sandwich between the land grid and surface leases. With over 300 counties of tax parcels ready for download online, our tax parcel dataset is largely focused on oil and gas plays - and from that perspective is very complete.

A new introduction, US Land Grid PDF Maps provide 42 inch x 42+ inch maps that are beautifully designed and perfect for printing on plotters. Large scale and high detail, these maps are perfect for those of us that don't have or use mapping software, or if we just want to print a quick map that can be marked up for presentation purposes. Oklahoma PDF Land Grid Maps are now complete. Texas is under construction. Watch this space, as we complete other states.

In total, this means we now have over 2,700 Oil and Gas data products ready for instant download now available at US Land Grid. This is a huge number! As we continue to grow we expect this number to reach 5,000+ product ready for immediately delivery to your mapping program or PDF viewer. As we grow are datasets and offerings, we will also be growing our formats and delivery methods. If there is a GIS dataset that you would like to see, please let us know and we will do our best to make it work for you and US Land Grid.

From a GIS and mapping perspective, we hope you enjoy the intant delivery and service that we provide at US Land Grid - your new online source for Oil and Gas Data! We never close, and we never disappoint! Our industry leading guarantee makes any customer happy every single time. Please say hello?

For Additional Information Visit the Website at: http://www.uslandgrid.com/

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