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QRCode encoding SDK published,it supports qrcode and micro qrcode generation.

AIPSYS Software Laboratory announces the QRCode Encoding SDK for Windows and Windows mobile, a 2D barcode - QRCode generating SDK for Windows 98/NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista/mobile 5,6. The SDK supports QRCode and Micro QRCode encoding, QR Code barcode can store up to 7,089 Numeric,4,296 Alphanumeric,2,953 binary,1,817 Kanji or chinese characters in one barcode symbol, Micro QRCode can store up to 41 Numeric,25 Alphanumeric,17 binary,10 Kanji or chinese characters in one barcode symbol, and includes error correction code (ECC) which allows error-free reading even when a symbol has been partially lost or destroyed.

The SDK has several modules such us static library[.LIB], dynamic library[DLL], OCX and COM Server. It can be used in almost all programming environments: MS visual C++/ visual basic, Borland C++ builder/Delphi, Power builder, MS Fox pro, Visual objects, VS.Net, MS word /Excel/PowerPoint and etc.

The coding process is very simple, the programmer input the parameters such as correction level, background color, foreground color, margin, text to be coded, version, encode mode, then call the function can get the bitmap image handle or file directly. The package includes samples to help you grasp the SDK rapidly. We can also redevelop the interface if it doesn’t fit your needs.

There are 5 license models for the SDK: Single User License, Small Company Developer License,1 Developer License, 5 Developer License, and Unlimited Developer License; and each has price for itself, you can complete the order process form the website safely, and details refer to http://www.aipsys.com/order.htm.

We support one year free service and free updating for register users. Trial users may have some limits of use.

For more information, contact Peter Wang at support@aipsys.com.

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