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w-41.com interactive clothing line
After a successful launch in the Netherlands of its interactive clothing line w-41.com is now also starting sales to the US, Austria, Germany and Italy. W-41.com is TechFashion: clothing and technology unite with surprising result: it is now possible to link any website to your gear. Using a mobile phone you can scan w-41.com clothing; with one click the personal website of the shirt owner will open. As a result it is possible to wear your online identity.
w-41.com shirts contain a unique code which is linked to your favorite website. By scanning this code with your mobile phone, this site will be opened. The site can be your profile of a social network site such as Facebook or MySpace, a blog or your favorite YouTube movie. For customers who want to create their own website, w-41.com offers free software to create your own mobile website.
“If you are into the latest gadgets, inseparable from your mobile phone and like to wear casual basics, w-41.com is for you. The internet is getting more mobile en with w-41.com you can be part of it.” says Emile Koolstra, founder of w-41.com.
“Consumers can purchase our gear via the web and we are currently looking for possibilities to sell our clothing via retail stores.”

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