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10 Steps to a Perfect at Home-Date Night

April 23, 2013: 

Preparing for Date Night ideas at home is amazing! 

Disclaimer#: Never Ever Ever Surprise your Wife on Date Night. This does not work Ever! They want to know wants going on at all time. So follow these simple steps below.

1. First Schedule the Date night 7 days in advance.
a. So she can begin to get excited about it! It’s like scheduling a cruise you know you are looking forward to everyday waiting and praying for that day to get arrive.
b. This will will work in your favor. 

2. Have a checklist of items you want to accomplish on your Date Night at home.
This is a Military Operation so let’s achieve the main objection Pure Love, Passion and Happiness. For Example Can adjust Order Slightly but no heavy modifications 

101: Dress Code for the evening: Business Casual No Jeans Men. Keep it classy.
a. Favorite Food Order at 6pm ( from her favorite resturant ) if you are not a chef ” Don’t Cook” No taking chances. 

3. Pick Up Food on time and make sure it stay’s warm.
a. Make sure good plates are out and cleaned.
b. House Smelling Amazing.

4. Candles need to be lit to set the mood for the evening.
a. Bottle of her favorite wine or drink ready and chilled.

5. Whatever drink she chooses (even water) make sure you pour into a Wine Glass.
a. This is a classy evening so let her feel like she’s a queen!
b. If and only if she is taking a shower before or after dinner.

6. Make Sure you run to the Dryer Throw in all the towels for a SUPER HEATed evening.
a. When she gets out of the Shower you will present her with a Warm towel.
b. She will feel like Royality after that simple gesture.

**Disclaimer: At anytime DO NOT adjust this PLAN. Follow the steps **

7. Start writing everyday for the next seven days until the date night.
a. Writing what? Write on a blank sheet of paper why you are grateful for her.

For example:
I’m so Grateful that I have an amazing, thoughtful wife.
God, Thank you for a wife that loves me daily despite all my faults.
Lord, thank you for a wife that believes in me daily.

8. Prepare these notes to reveal on date night. Remember, Write DAILY!! Don’t write all seven at the same time. That would represent laziness! 

9. Music can make a huge impact on the evening , you can be 100% present with your wife and reap the benefits, Or you can go to the movies and spend two hours not talking to her? 

10. Oh, I almost forgot bed time…… Now I’m not going to go into any details about any activities Detail on any activites , but I will give you a hint. 

Special BONUS: 

Buy Rose Pedals and spread them lightly on the bed and floor on her side of the bed . This will be the finishing touches for an Amazing Evening. 

11. Bonus** Feedback: Let me know how the Date Night goes? 

Was it amazing? What step worked the best ?
What step would you add? and why?
What was your best date night experience?

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