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Whitening Soap, Underarm Whitening and Sheep Placenta Announce Shipping Price Drop

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia; May 04, 2013: Underarm Whitening , leading underarm skin care and whitening site, Whitening Soap, provider of the best selection of skin whitening soaps and Sheep Placenta trusted vendor of sheep placenta creams proudly announce the more than 50 % shipping rate drop for customers. 

In order to be more of help to readers with skin problems, the sister companies is lowering the shipping rates in every purchase of their items. This will give customers/interested buyers more value for their money, not only will they receive quality skin care products but with over-all price that is reasonable and not heavy in the budget. 

Aside from the shipping rate drop, corresponding promos and freebies are available on the individual sites. The skin care companies are all known on its respective fields to deliver effective and clinically tested products. 

Whitening Soap presents skin whitening soap selection for all skin types and needs. Choose from Papaya Soap (natural skin whitening soap for sensitive skin), Kojic Acid Soap (fast skin lightening soap that is suitable for pigmentation problems), Premium Kojic Gluthathione (excellent skin whitening plus with anti-wrinkle properties), Bleaching Soap (for fast skin whitening results) and Arbutin (whitens effectively and at the same time acts as a moisturizer with sunblock properties). 

Sheep Placenta presents Cai Mei Placenta Creams. These “miracle creams” are made from sheep’s placenta. According to studies, placenta has many healing and rejuvenating capabilities. It also contains valuable nutrients that can extend its use to skin care. Choose from Cai Mei Placenta Creams selection that will match your needs: Pink label for whitening, Blue label for moisturizing, Green label for anti-wrinkle and Orange label for whitening foundation. All cream selection can revitalize and make skin healthier. 

Underarm Whitening gives readers and users a wide selection of underarm whitening products that includes underarm whitening soaps and cream. The product selections are: Papaya Herbal Soap ( exfoliates the underarm to remove the darker layer of skin to make way for softer and lighter skin), Kojic Acid Soap ( prevents the production of melanin which may lead to dark underarms and evens out skin tone), Premium Kojic Glutathione Soap(variant of Kojic Acid with glutathione and oatmeal that has double the whitening capabilities and enhances the softness of your underarms), Niacinamide acne cream ( whitens and moisturizes the underarms). Arbutin Cream (treats hyperpigmentation problem and whitens the skin) and Kojic Acid Cream (enhance the whitening process in dark areas of the skin.) Choose from the soaps and used it in conjunction with the underarm whitening cream of choice, in just few weeks a lighter and smoother underarms can be achieved. 

Enjoy the best products in the market with lower shipping rates. For more information on the individual products and promos, please visit http://underarmwhitening.net/ http://whiteningsoap.net/ and http://sheepplacenta.org/ . 

About SheepPlacenta.Org 

SheepPlacenta.Org is one of the leading vendors of the popular skin cream Cai Mei Sheep Placenta Cream. It offers different creams to match user’s needs like whitening, moisturizing, anti-wrinkle and whitening foundation. With Cai Mei Sheep Placenta, your skin is guaranteed to be rejuvenated revealing a younger and healthier looking you. 

About UnderArmWhitening.Net 

UnderArmWhitening.Net is a fast rising company that is focused on underarm whitening and skin care needs. It offers the most suitable whitening soap selection (Papaya Soap, Kojic Acid Soap and Premium Kojic Glutathione Soap) and whitening/smoothening cream selection ( Arbutin Cream, Niassential and Kojic Acid Cream) that are the perfect solution for dark underarm needs. 

About WhiteningSoap.Net 

WhiteningSoap.Net main focus is to bring the best skin whitening soaps in the market that will match different skin care needs. The site introduces top caliber skin lightening soaps like Bleaching Soap, Kojic Acid Soap, Arbutin Soap, Placenta Soap, Premium Kojic Glutathione and Papaya Herbal Soap.

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