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Standscan.com Now Offers BlueSmart, a Key and Valuables Locator

New York; May 04, 2013: Standscan, makers of cell phone scanner tables, announces a new addition to their website offerings. Their site now offers the BlueSmart Key Finder, Car Finder, with GPS. BlueSmart allows an iPhone4s or higher to find the owner's keys or valuables through use of the app. It also helps locate a parked car through use of GPS location memory. The application also works on the iPad 4 and iPad Mini. 

The application communicates with BlueSmart, a disc shaped device that goes on a key chain to help locate keys. It also works in reverse by pressing the button on the BlueSmart to locate the linked iPhone. The BlueSmart disc can be attached not only to a keychain, but also to a child's backpack or a dog collar, and the disc offers an electronic leash feature. 

The Electronic Leash feature will send an alert to the owner's iPhone or iPad when the BlueSmart and phone become separated by more than 30 feet. The Bluesmart keeps the last known GPS location so it can be used to help find a car in a parking lot. 

Standscan makes the Standscan scanning platform, a portable stand that allows for full object scanning though placing the phone on the table's window and the object on the table's platform. They sell the Standscan and other accessories like the BlueSmart on their website. For more information about the StandScan, please visit www.standscan.com 

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