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Business Continuity Consultancy and Management – BCCManagement partnership with BCI institute

Business Continuity Consultancy and Management BCCManagement is delighted to announce that a Corporate Partnership has been formed with The Business Continuity Institutes (BCI) to bring its customers the practice of the highest standards of Business Continuity Management (BCM).

BCI partnership:
Was launched in 2007 to enable organizations to work with the Business Continuity Institute to deliver the overall BCI mission of: Promoting the art and science of business continuity management worldwide.
As a corporate partner it aims to achieve the highest standards of BCM practice
Corporate Excellence in Business Continuity Management

Business Continuity Management:
Is about anticipating the events or circumstances that could hinder the running of a business, and planning to make sure that the business responds swiftly and continue to function in the event of an emergency. A business continuity plan sets out clear roles and responsibilities, for example those assigned to manage all liaison with customers, employees and the emergency services. It lists a series of contingencies that enable key business activities to continue in the most difficult circumstances.

Some examples of threats to a business are:
• A vital computer system or telecom is unavailable.
• Critical process machinery is damaged.
• Loss of key employees due to sudden death, illness.
• Bomb/Terrorism threat.
• Natural disasters such as tornadoes, floods, earthquakes and fire.
• Pandemics.
• The building, or part of the building, or office, cannot be accessed, and.
• Suppliers are unable to deliver.
What BCCManagement can offer you?
• A full Study for Business Continuity Planning.
• Review existing Business Continuity Plans.
• Business impact analysis.
• I.T Disaster Recovery, Information Technology Solutions.
• Review of disaster recovery plans.
• Awareness and Training.
• Compliance with BS25999.
• I.T Security Consultancy.
• Data Replication Solutions.
• SMS Emergency Notification System
About BCCManagement:
We have been in Business since 2006 we have participated in several related International Conferences and seminars held in many countries including Canada, United Kingdom, and the United States. Also, we published
numerous Business Continuity studies and articles in renowned magazines and international websites, noting that BCCManagement had been actively involved in the development of standards dealing with Business Continuity namely the Business Continuity Standard BS25999.
BCCManagement Professional team is proudly certified by the “Business Continuity Institute (BCI) England” which is the major international players in Business Continuity field.

**Ask For our free analysis on the current Business Continuity status of your organization.

For More info:
Business Continuity Consultancy and Management info@bccmanagement.com http://www.bccmanagement.com
North America +1.800.961.7592 Fax: +1.613.248.5149 P.O.Box 42054- RPO ST Laurent, Ottawa, Ontario K1k4L8, Canada
Middle East office +961.7061.9274 Fax: +961.923.2406 P.O.Box 116-5108, Beirut, Lebanon

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