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The Upload Online Service in eFlip Standard of 3.9.0 Version

The eFlip Standard of the eFlip Solution is now upgraded to wonderful version of 3.9.0. This newest version of eFlip Standard offers users a totally new and useful Upload Online Service which has been great big news to customers.

When you have a lot of flipping books where can you install them? When you have flipping publications how can you get more readers? When you want to show something from your vivid life with the flipping album where can you publish your masterpieces?

All these questions and problems can be solved easily when you get the eFlip Standard 3.9.0 for its powerful and unshakable Upload online Service. The details of the upload online service can be seen on http://www.pageflippdf.com/faq/free-online-upload-service.html . All the process you will see on that page and in a minute with picture and text, you will understand the feature.

Here I would like to tell you about the advantages of Upload Online Service of the eFlip Standard. When you have a flipping book, you must consider where the book you want to use or what the purpose of the flipping book. If you only make the flipping book for your own, the Upload Online Service is safe for you and if you were still afraid, you can set the password to the whole book which would definitely be double insurance.

Well, when you want to make profits from your own flippingbook publications, you can upload it and also set a password to pages except the previous several pages. Once you upload your flipping book to the eFlip Server, you will get a unique link of the book, when you want to have readers, you should publicize the flipping book link and then they will see your book on PC or Mac without any problems. Also maybe there are a lot of readers from mobile devices, you do not need to worry about it, and you can also view the book on Blackberry, Android mobile phone, iPhone, iPad and iPod with the link but ensure you have output the mobile version and also checked to upload the mobile version to eFlip server.

For more information about the latest version of the eFlip Standard, everyone may visit the eFlip Solution at http://www.pageflippdf.com/ . For comments, suggestions and queries, you may contact them at support@ pageflippdf.com.

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PageFlipPDF.com (eFlip Co Ltd) provides low-cost and handy programs eFlip for you editors and publishers to easily produce professional Flipping Books!

eFlip was established in 2009. Their Head Office is based in China with braches based in HongKong China. eFlip products range from digital publication tools to innovative and cost-effective business software and PC or Mac utility tools.

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