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HMS Plumbing Campaigns against Prevalent and Harmful Plumbing Myths

04 June, 2013: HMS Plumbing, a leading provider of reasonably priced and high-quality plumbing services, is calling the public’s attention to a number of myths and fallacies concerning plumbing that could further damage pipes and other structures. 

Among its top concerns is the widespread belief that anyone can perform what is commonly referred to as “do-it-yourself plumbing.” 

While there are plumbing tasks that are obviously simple enough for the homeowner to handle, HMS Plumbing reminds that only a qualified, well-experienced and highly trained Fairfax plumber should be allowed to grapple with more complex and potentially dangerous plumbing jobs. 

Another pervasive plumbing myth is the belief that letting food go down the drain is not harmful. Many people think that as long as the food waste is small enough to be washed down the drain, it is essentially harmless to the plumbing system. 

But even the smallest bits and pieces of soft, perishable material, such as left-over food, can and will build up over time, especially in corners or bends on the pipe. Liquid cleaners that are used to pour down the drain can corrode the pipes. 

In worst-case scenarios, only a highly trained Fairfax plumber can fix the ensuing damage, and often, such damage can be costly. 

And most importantly, HMS Plumbing would like to remind the public that getting the services of a highly qualified Fairfax plumber is not at all expensive. 

Most people delay in calling up a qualified plumber for fear of having to pay hundreds of dollars in professional fees, thereby allowing the plumbing damage to worsen over time. In fact, the best plumbers are the ones who do not charge more than they should have and will always keep the pricing fair and square. 

This is especially true with HMS Plumbing—the company, composed of some of the most extensively trained plumbers in northern Virginia, takes utmost pride in its integrity and its transparency in pricing. 

About Company: 

HMS Plumbing is a family-owned business that provides high-quality and reasonably priced plumbing services in several counties in northern Virginia. For further information about HMS Plumbing and how to find an excellent Fairfax plumber, please visit the website at http://www.hmsplumbing.com

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