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Medical Marijuana Team Announces The Super Sour Diesel Could Be The Best Stress Reliever So Far.

June 6, 2013: The marijuana strain was actually created by a Massachusetts Super Skunk that pollinated a pure Diesel marijuana plant. After running a number of tests, the drug team has established that this is a very superior form of marijuana that could give great results in making life saving drugs. It has been given an A++ grade strain. 

The super sour diesel is an improved version of the sour diesel consisting of 75% of the quality sativa and 25% of indica. It is definitely a better hybrid and is best for medical use. Medical researches have established that this improved version will make many improvements in the quality of medicines. 

The sour diesel seeds is best stress reliever for patients suffering from depression. Groundbreaking research are undergoing for making medicines to relieve anxiety, migraines and depression. The super sour diesel in its purest form itself help combat all of the above mentioned problems but this could lead to addiction. 

When used in its purest form the patient does not know the amount of dosage to take. Hence, excessive dosage per use could unknowingly lead to unwanted addiction. Currently, this improved marijuana breed is being used to make medicines suitable enough even for younger patients suffering from anxiety, pain and depression. The dosages are carefully combined to make sure that no amount of intake of these medicines will lead to any kind of addiction. 

Already, authorized testes have been made on volunteer patients and it has given positive results. Patients have remarked that they feel much relieved and get better concentration in their day-to-day tasks. Several tests have already established that it is a better substitute for the herbal paracetamol or ibuprofen. When used with the right dosage, its side effects are also less as compared to paracetamol. Tests have also shown that the drug affects only the head and hence it rules out any possibility of side effects. To get more information please visit http://sourdiesel.org 

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