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Perfect the Quality and Size of Flipbook publications in eFlip Standard

June 8, 2013: eFlip Software has found for 5 years already, and every little feature in its software has regarded customer in the first place. Set the eFlip Standard as the basic software in eFlip, it can convert PDF files into flipping page books, support multiple kinds of output formats, run on Microsoft Win 8, Win 7, Vista, and XP system, and furthermore, the eFlip Standard can also convert flipping books from Office and RTF document as well.

When people are using software for computer they may concentrate the function as the most important thing, and eFlip Standard will perfectly server users its powerful functions. In the import interface, pages can be customized imported, five types of quality and size of the flipping book can be chosen, different kinds of files can be inserted as the watermark and three kinds of render engines can be selected. eFlip Standard always considers more than users imagined, it supports links and bookmarks importation, allows people to enable search so that readers can quickly find the related content quickly and lets the software detect the wide pages in order to make every page of the flipping page book in 100% perfect position.

The perfect quality and size setting or product has its own significance. When an engineer using the software to make a project presentation, which kind of the quality and size does he need? They definitely need the high quality presentation, so the flipping book can do it with the option in the importation interface. For fashion show magazines, more images in the original files, if use the high quality mode, the flipping book would be in large size.So here the small size mode can be chosen.

Moreover, the feature of quality and size in eFlip Standard is simple to understand, when users choose the high quality means the files would be automatically as in the large size, and when choosing the small size, the quality of the flipping page book will be lower. Large size means the book would ask for more spaces.

eFlip Standard has also worked to expand users business, adding trademarks for images and graphics for third party licensors. Copyright protection in the United States and internationally has also been established as the company has matured in scope over the past year. The safety of users' flipping book can be protect.

The eFlip Standard offers users different output formats for creating flipbooks on different platforms. On the http://www.pageflippdf.com/pageflip-pdf-to-flash/index.html more output information has been mentioned. New functions will appear as technology improves and consumers reveal what features they need.

About eFlip Software

eFlip Software announces many improvements it had made in 2012 and that the company intends to perfect its software products for old and new users in 2013. In maturing its business, the company now provides after-sale service on all of its products. Users can email the company for technical support or visit the FAQ page online for instant help with common questions. The team in eFlip Standard is efficient and willing to have interaction with all users and customers for better progress in flipping software.

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Company Name: eflip
Address: 10th Floor, XinGangZhongLu 366,
HaiZhu District, GuangZhou, Guangdong Province,
P.R.China 510530
Phone: 08698876546
E-mail: support@pageflippdf.com
Website: www.pageflippdf.com

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