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Now, Creating a Customized Android App is Possible in Just 10 Minutes with Appsmoment

June 14, 2013: Creating an Android App was never been so easy before the launch of the apps creating platform Appsmoment. With Appsmoment, it doesn’t take more than ten minutes to develop a feature-rich and individualized Android application. It offers 35 free templates and there is no setup fee. One needs not to have any coding knowledge and more than 2,500 developers will extend their help to develop an application and publish it on popular app stores.

So, even if one doesn’t have any knowledge about how to make android apps, Appsmoment will make their apps development task really very simple. The creators of this Android apps development platform understand how important it is for a business today to develop android apps to stay connected with their customers. Many companies hire professional developers for their android apps development, but an individual developer often fails to meet the business requirements of these companies, because of the limited development resources available to them.

Now Appsmoment will enable individual developers to carry out their tasks in a more resourceful and professional manner. An individual developer can now think beyond creating a simplified app and they will be able to develop the best apps for android using the templates and codes available on Appsmoment. Moreover, one can publish these apps online and there always be a scope for improvement, as thousands of developers will get to learn about the apps and can offer their input to better it. In the true sense, all developers will work in a collaborative environment and the mutual knowledge sharing will result into a highly proficient application development.

According to a leading internet marketing experts, custom-made apps are very much in demand by most companies to carry out their marketing plans in the online environment. According to him, “By creating an interesting and feature-rich app, now a business can develop a long-term relationship with its customers.” With the advent of Appsmoment, how to develop android apps is no more an issue for any business organization. Appmoment offers an unlimited android app development opportunity, allowing one to choose more than 45 custom features. One can create top apps for android using the features of Appsmoment and can meet their business objectives in a successful manner.

Anyone interested to learn about how to create android apps can follow the link http://create-app-with-easy.weebly.com/index.html .

About Appsmoment

Appsmoment is a platform that offers unlimited Android apps creation opportunities to a business or a developer. It provides 45 custom features and 35 free templates to choose from to create an app. One doesn’t need to pay any setup fee and also doesn’t need to have any coding knowledge for an app development. The platform enjoys the trust of more than 2,500 developers.

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