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Phone Troop to Help People Sell their used iPhones for Cash Online

June 21, 2013: Phone Troop now helps people sell their used and broken iPhones for cash online. To date, there are lots of broken and used iPhones that end up on landfills when owners get tired of using them. Now, people with used and unwanted iPhones can generate money from their disposable gadgets with the help of Phone Troop. 

To get started, people with iPhones are required to get an instant quote for their broken, unwanted or used iPhone. After then, they will ship their device. Phone Troop will be the one to prepare the shipping label at the end of their clients’ transaction. Clients could then pack their items and put the prepared shipping label provided by the Phone Troop to their package. They could drop off their package to either their post office or mail carrier. Clients will get paid once the package was received by the online store. Payment is made after items are confirmed to meet the correct model and in a condition that has been described by its previous owner. 

Phone Troop accepts different iPhone models. They accept iPhones in any condition, whether it is broken or not. They also help clients sell their iPhone 4s and iPhone 5 models at bulk. They offer free shipping to clients who greatly benefit them no matter how many and how often they send their gadget for sale. 

Phone Troop comprises team of smartphone maniacs and geeks who are environmentally conscious. They aim to help lessen those gadgets that end up in landfills every year when owners do not use them anymore which have harmful effects in the environment. The store is located in Los Angeles County, California. The online store looks for good owners who prefer used items that are still functioning and in good condition. They buy broken iPhones and recycle them. This helps in reducing the waste in the environment while maximizing the use of the gadget. 

Phone Troop is known to provide excellent services to customers with their years of expertise and experience in the field. They offer great price for their customer’s sold iPhone gadgets by providing them with a price match program. They make selling used gadgets easy helping clients generate money from the used items they are planning to throw. 

For more information on Phone Troop and how transaction for selling iPhone is made, visit their official site at http://phonetroop.com . For questions and comments email them at brimstonehills@gmx.com . 

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Company: Brimstone Holdings, LLC
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Email: brimstonehills@gmx.com

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