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Fun Music That Appeals Every Individual’s Urge To Resist Growing Up!

Maryland, USA; June 22, 2013: The music of 3PM is one that is based on being genuine. Within the band itself is a diversity of ages, influences, and undeniable chemistry. Still in its infancy, the members (ages 15, 17, and 21) are simply creating the music they enjoy, and captivating listeners in the process. Following in the footsteps of seminal pop/punk outfits like Newfound Glory, Yellowcard, and Blink 182, 3PM represents the new face of the genre and offer plenty of energy and positivity to listeners of their generation. 

A testament to youth and the importance of dedication to one’s craft, 3PM focuses on using music to bring people together and connecting directly with their fans. Their naturally upbeat nature allows them to create transparent, uplifting pop/punk driven by tight instrumentals, meaningful lyrics, and catchy arrangements. The energy of their recorded music is trumped only by their live shows, which features consistent engagement with the crowd in order to create a lively atmosphere. Upon listening/viewing, it becomes apparent that 3PM truly believes in what they are doing and is eager to share their enjoyment with each listener. 

Despite still being in its infancy, the band has already amassed a large following of all ages and recently released their first album titled “Change of Plans”. Recorded at Buzzlounge studios, the album is incredibly well produced and conveys a unifying message throughout its entirety. Diverse in its sound, each track addresses a unique topic and fuels the underlying themes of having fun and holding onto youth. Upon first listen, fans will be taken aback to the heyday of pop/punk full of energy and positivity, devoid of many of life’s little annoyances. 

In addition to sharing their outlook with fans, 3PM also connects directly with listeners on their website by offering behind the scenes look at what motivates the band via their bi-weekly documentary titled “3PM Uncovered”. Currently in the process of recording their first video scheduled to be released this summer, 3PM continues to gather dedicated fans and bring people together using their art. “Change of Plans” is currently available on iTunes, Amazon, and Rhapsody, as well as their official site. For more information on 3PM, “3PM Uncovered”, and live web performances, check out their Youtube channel, and Facebook page 

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T.D. Schemansky
3000 Records
P.O. Box 180902
Utica, MI 48318

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