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Juegos de Cocina 99 Offers Free Cooking Games to Spanish Users

22, June 2013: Cooking has become an international passion between people in all around the world. Nowadays, Spanish-speakers are mostly interested in learning how to cook delicious foods for their families and friends. Even cooking has been widely suggested as a great therapy for who suffer from spiritual pains. 

At the current time, there are numerous ways to improve the cooking skill. Experts say people can understand how to cook foods better if they take action at the time of learning. That’s the reason why Juegos de Cocina has been opened. 

The website covers various categories from Juegos de Cocina con Sara to Juegos de Cocinar Pastel in order to make young people ready for baking new cakes and cooking tastefully foods. 

Although there are many websites offering the similar games in Internet, Juegos de Cocinar comes with new games on daily basis. The staffers of this website also try to give as much information as they can to their respectful audiences. All the games listed in this site are free-to-play and users don’t need to register an account there. 

“We have are doing our best to make this site the number one source of ‘Juegos de Cocina’ between Spanish speakers in all around the world. We have not only targeted Spanish speakers in Europe, but we are customizing our service for Spanish-speakers in South American countries too.” The CEO of Juegos de Cocina 99 remarked during an interview. 

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